You are brilliant.

Brilliant, the very essence of this word is something good…no, not just good, something that’s great. When I think of something great, my mind keeps circling back to the amazing people I have in my life. My friends, my family…my people. They are all brilliant in their own ways just like you and me. Everyone […]

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The act of taking a photo.

It’s funny isn’t it, the act of taking a photo. Taking a snapshot of a moment in time that you can then revisit anytime you look at the picture. Have all of those smells, sounds and sights come flooding back to you, almost as if you’ve been transported back to that very moment. Each photograph is […]

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Be that “crazy” person!

I recently wrote a post about doing the things you want to do in life so that you don’t have any regrets, if you didn’t catch it here’s a link. I’ve recently been following that advice by doing some of the things on my bucket list and completing life goals. The past couple of months […]

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Notice the world…

I was taking a leisurely walk to the shop the other day, instead of taking the car like I ordinarily do. As I was walking, I noticed a small path I’ve never seen before between shrubbery and trees. I realised that I’ve never noticed it before because I’m usually in such a rush to get to […]

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