Your first glance into my mind…

I have spent a lot of time, and used a fair amount of brainwaves over what I considered would be a good first blog. It has just occurred to me that the title of my blog is of course ‘space to babble’, so I thought it would be prudent to, well…babble a bit. Write whatever comes into my mind as it arrives at the forefront of my thoughts, I will forewarn you though, as the reader…this may not make sense, and it may seem a bit jumpy, but that’s because it’s authentically going straight onto the page as it comes into my mind, with no filters.

My mind can be quite a strange and confusing place to be at times if I’m honest, sometimes I’ll be thinking about one thing, and then something completely different will pop into my mind, and before I can comprehend what’s going on, my mind is barraging me with many different things in a rather unclear fashion…this usually tends to happen when I’m trying to get to sleep which is rather annoying if I’m honest, do you get that too? Yes? Good, that means I’m not going crazy just yet!

Anyway, lets get back on track – first blog post, right…I’ve wanted to start my own blog for years, but have been procrastinating a bit…okay, a lot. But here I am, finally writing (and re-writing) my first blog post! That’s a step forward in the right direction, lets hope I don’t get lost. I’m terrible with directions so could get lost very easily, as my friends know. When I’m driving anywhere outside of my home town, my sat nav tends to become my temporary best friend…until I decide that I want to go a different way to what she says because I actually know the way. She gets a little narky and takes on a rather huffy tone if I do that. I half expect it to throw itself out of the window like β€œdirect yourself! You don’t listen to me anyway!”.

Well, this has definitely turned into a bit of a babbling blog post, now to sit back and think of a title for this blog…hmm…I’ll get back to you on that one. Well actually, I won’t have to, it will be up there^ for all to see and hopefully click on. I hope that this is at the very least, mildly coherent, it’s all making perfect sense to me, but to be fair it WOULD make sense to me. I’m used to my babbling mess of a mind. Anyway, that’s enough rambling for one post. Hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek into the space between my ears. Until next time.


25 thoughts on “Your first glance into my mind…

  1. Haha loved your first post! It was actually pretty good albeit the one mistake: “peak” instead of peek into the space between my ears. Other than that, perfect!!! I don’t even know how to get more traffic? How? I got 100 views on the second day and now I get like 35… What is this? Idk, what I do is I comment on the Daily Blog thing but yeah. This has become into a babble…. Anyway, I loved it!!!


    1. Dang it! I’ll correct that mistake soon enough πŸ™‚ I wrote that quickly at work and then revised it so many times! I would say by doing what you’re doing now, commenting on other blogs, liking them and stuff, maybe today’s task of adding links to theirs and they might do the same which in turn will bring more people to your blog. I like the babble, this is the space to babble after all πŸ™‚ Glad you liked it though.

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      1. Haha, of course. You’re welcome Japidoo. How about Padijoo or Dapijoo or anything weird like that. Haha just kidding. B) Really? You revise your work? Somehow I ALWAYS revise my writing but not my blogging. Like no. Just no. Wait what do you mean by adding links to theirs? I’m a bit confuzzled… Anyway babble. My new favorite word. Babbly bable babble bubble bubububububub. bubby. I am SO weird. The good kind of weird (i think) πŸ˜› That’s okay… Take your time to correct the mistakes. Nobody really cares about the mistakes cause as you can tell, mine has quite a few mistakes too!! 😦 But too bad. I’ll edit it later. Yeah you’re welcome Japidoo. What should I call you? People call me all sorts of things. A-diaper, Aditikong, AdIdI (emphasis on the ‘I’ s even though it’s pronounced Uh. Dee. Dee. KInd of Do you get what I’m saying) And a bunch of other stuff I’m too lazy to write. πŸ˜›


      2. Haha, they’re definitely unique nicknames! Well, I revised the first post due to the fact that it was the first, I didn’t want to make too many silly mistakes. Seems I confuse you a lot when I’m tired xD By ‘adding links to theirs’ I mean add the links to their blogs/posts you like in some of your posts for people to go and have a look at, and they might return the favour, at the very least they may thank you for linking to their post πŸ™‚ Less confuzzled? I love the word babble! Definitely the good kind of weird! Even so, it’s nice to get it right, with as few mistakes as possible. Yours is fine! I do get what you mean with pronouncing your name. I have a lot of nicknames too, don’t worry πŸ™‚ You can make up a nickname for me if you want to. xD

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      3. Awh, I wasn’t hinting at linking to mine or anything xD That’s sweet though, I’ll link you back πŸ™‚ Funnily enough I’m reading some of dottiedaniels posts now! I’m enjoying it so far! Jadipie is one of my more recent nicknames, you can use it too if you like πŸ™‚

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      4. I was wondering where you had gone earlier actually! Oh dear, hope you’re okay! Go get some more sleep…unless it’s morning there…in which case don’t xD I can never remember the time difference between the USA and England :S

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      5. Haha nope. It’s seven PM and I must study for science… 😦 I’d much rather write, but I also have History Day, Science Fair, and a bunch of other things. Oh and history day and yeah.


      6. It’s about midnight here so I should get to sleep soon ready for work. But not before replying to a couple more comments. But you should go and study then, and I should stop distracting you! XD Do you like science and history then?

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      7. Sleep? Nah. Sleep is overrated. XD Oh yesss! You must never NOT reply to those comments. Nononono keep replying…. Welll usually I like subjects based on their teachers to be honest. Like my math teacher is SUPER awesome and his half-brother, the civics teacher is also pretty good. The, um, science teacher is also a good teacher to, um, some kids. XD Oh and the LA teacher is SUPER awesome too!!! So yeah. What subjects do you like?

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      8. Haha don’t worry. I can never remember the time difference between anything either. XD Just the one thing I don’t bother to care about. But wait. If you’re not bothering about something, you’re not caring, so wait what? Whatever. I think you get my point. Maybe. Maybe not. OH I don’t know. XD πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


      9. Okay. So. I don’t want anyone on my posts to read this before I post it in a couple days…. So I had a dream a couple nights ago. It was that I was a teenage prodigy among a bunch of other select individuals and I was attending Harvard (very, VERY, VERYYY, prestigous school in US) buttt, it was undercover for HOGWARTS!! And a bunch of other details. Hopefully, crossing fingers, you know what HHHHOOOOGGGWWWAAARRRRTTSSSS IS!!

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      10. I copied and pasted the link to your post, and then highlighted it and clicked on the linking button at the top of the writing block, it looks like a chain link, near where the bold, italic and other buttons are.

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