Lulu-isms #1

I was chatting to one of my good friends, Lulu, the other day, and she said something which made me chuckle. So I thought I would share it on my blog (with her permission of course). I couldn’t figure out a good subject to link this to, and so I decided not to link it to another blog but instead, I have made this particular rambling about the phrase which she used and perhaps more phrases in time, I haven’t decided yet. I might even start writing about certain phrases and their origins from time to time (I wonder where that phrase came from…) and have a chuckle at the funny ones! This sounds like it could be a plan to me.

So now I’ve given you a clue as to what some of the ramblings of the future will be, but I’ll only throw them in every so often. For some unknown reason, that made me think of a microwave. You can put something in the microwave, and forget about it until it finishes and calls you back with its call ‘beep, beep, beep’, then you think to yourself ‘oh yeah! There’s something in there’. My blog could be like that with these random phrases, I’m putting the thought there now, and have set the timer on the metaphorical microwave. I shan’t use the idea for a while, so you’ll forget about it…and then bam! I’ll blog about another phrase and you might have that ‘Oh yeah!’ moment with the microwave…this makes total sense to me, but I’m not sure whether it will to you…

I’m beginning to go off track here, let’s get the satnav out (from my first blog) and find my way back.

Sat nav: you never listen to me anyway, I’m out of here! *throws itself out of the window*
Me:…I didn’t think that they could actually do that…guess I’ll find my own way back…

So my friend Lulu is an absolutely fab woman! She’s very funny, compassionate and great to get along with, one of those rare people you find with an honest, warm soul. She is also very random. She comes out with things on the spur of the moment which can be either completely hilarious, utterly confusing or quite thought provoking. Sometimes all three at once. None the less, there are some right gems she comes out with. That’s a point, I might make her a feature on this blog. Every so often I can throw in one of her Lulu-isms, I think that this might have to happen.

There I go babbling again, and you don’ even know what Lulu said yet! She said:

I haven’t got a brain, I’ve got candy floss where my brain should be. But it’s not the nice fluffy candy floss, it’s gotten old and a bit hard and has bugs in it”

I’m not entirely sure how the conversation came to this, but it made me laugh when I heard her say it. I think it’s better than that saying “I have a peanut for a brain”, I wonder how that saying came about anyway…I feel another blog coming on…


2 thoughts on “Lulu-isms #1

  1. Ohmigods I love your friend Lulu! She seems hilarious! I feel like that’s something I would say, except we say Cotton Candy here in the USA… But this was just a funny post and the way you worded everything, like from your mind to the computer was fabulous! 😀 XD


    1. I love her too! She’s so awesome (I’ll show her your comment too, it’ll make her smile I’m sure :D). It was just so funny when she said it, I wasn’t expecting it! I wonder why there’s a random difference between the English term and American term for candy floss/cotton candy…anyway thank you, you’re so lovely!

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