Does my blog look big in this?

So todays 101 task is to decide upon a theme which you believe suits your blog. Try out at least three it tells you, even if it’s just a preview of the theme in action.

I had a quick scroll through the theme choices, but have to admit that it was a half hearted scroll through. A quick glance past the shop window  if you will. The point being that I am already happy with my theme, it just feels right and if it’s not broken, why fix it?

However, the few things I will work on improving or changing from time to time will probably be to add a few widgets, maybe changing my cover photo from time to time, the little things like that, sometimes the little things make a big difference. The current photo on my blog home page is a photo I took myself, with my ipod of all things! The opportunity was there, so I took it and quite liked the outcome. So much so that I got the photo printed on canvas and now have it hanging in an art gallery nearby, and I don’t mind if it sells or not, I just like the idea that people can come and have a look at it. I share art for arts sake, not necessarily money.

So, to wrap this post up I’ll repeat the title and hope it gives you, the reader, a smile.

Does my blog look big in this?


8 thoughts on “Does my blog look big in this?

  1. Your blog is easy to read because of its bold looks. But you can still use those unused spaces for some other widgets, If you are using some other theme. Just my opinion. Happy blogging 🙂


    1. Thank you, I’m glad it’s easy to read. My theme only seems to allow for widgets hidden within the drop down box in the corner of the home page, but I quite like the way in which it is so clear, tidy and concise. Thank you for sharing your thoughts though, I shall bear this in mind if I ever decide to change my theme. 🙂

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