Reading Festival: An ‘I was there’ moment.

So I thought it might be time to release another of my Reading Festival blogs unto the world! (Yep, there are still a few things I haven’t told you about!). So here’s another major moment…

We also happened to be there for one of those ‘I was there!!’ moments – Paramore experiencing major technical difficulties at Reading. They were in the middle of a song (I don’t remember which song) when all sound suddenly went down, so the crowd went from rocking out to their awesome song, to confused silence as the band continued dancing around the stage and singing.

It was only when Hayley Williams was talking to us and we didn’t respond that she tapped the mic and realised everything was down. But due to the failure of the tech there, we were treated to Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy chilling on the edge of the stage doing an acapella version of ‘The only exception’ with the entire crowd singing along, phones and lighters out being waved high above our heads. Partway through this song, the sound came back and so we could hear the guitar and drums as well as Hayley singing.

Image courtesy of Google images.

It was a lovely moment, perhaps once in a lifetime. I won’t forget that, but the funny part for me was this – when she first realised that the sound had gone down…she went over to her ‘Paramore’ Box and sat down with force, crossed her arms and legs and started looking around with a rather annoyed expression on her face. It reminded me of a toddler throwing a tantrum because they couldn’t get those sweets they so desperately wanted…

Anyway, it was an awesome show, and this fault only added to the atmosphere. Hayley also decided that a woman dressed as a dinosaur had to join her on stage and sing with her!

See you at the next Reading based blog, thanks for dropping by!


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