I’ve reached 100 comments today! It’s so lovely to know that my babbles aren’t the pointless gibberish I thought them to be. Thank you to all of those who have commented and shared their thoughts as well.


I have gotten to know some lovely people on the blogosphere, and hope that this will continue as I walk down my blogging path. It goes to show what a great community we can make with like-minded people all over the world. I believe that the creators of the internet did not know how vital a resource it would become. For the original use as information sharing over a network, but now also for creating communities like this one, helping to create/maintain relationships (take skyping a family member on the other side of the world for example), for many things. The internet is such a broad space, for those of you who have found my little part of it, and taken the time to comment I say a sincere thank you.



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