Reading Festival 2014: ID’d for breakfast…

It’s time to get back to the Reading blogs so I can conclude that series soon, so here we go with another mini story…

The title of this blog is not a typo! We were actually asked to prove we were over 18 to be able to go and have breakfast in one particular establishment.

We were just walking past looking through the window, when we were approached by a rather smug looking woman who asked us if we had ID on us. I was on the phone at the time so couldn’t say anything, but one of my friends had decided not to bring hers in case she lost it (which is fair), so the woman proudly announced that we were not going into her cafe/restaurant for breakfast. I’m not even sure if it was a cafe, a restaurant, a wine bar or what it was! Mainly due to the fact that we seemingly weren’t even allowed to look through the window… but now we shall never know!

Makes me wonder what they expected us to do, did she spot the festival wristbands and expect us to start binge drinking all of their wine and beer with cocktails for breakfast?? “Yes, that will be two Budweisers with a side of Archers, Malibu and lemonade (that is a really good mix if you like sweet stuff! I invented it one night in a pub when I fancied something different) and a few shots of sambuca please, actually best throw a pimms in so I can have the fruit for breakfast. What are the rest of you guys having?”.

It Doesnt Matter If The Glass Is Half Empty Or Half Full, There Is Clearly Room For More Wine. Wood Sign 12 x 24 For sale is a hand made
Image courtesy of Pinterest.



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