Reading festival 2014: The final bits…

This is the final Reading festival post I have for you. It was a brilliant experience, and I hope you have enjoyed the little stories I have shared with you about it!

The dance tent wasn’t really my thing, but I saw a couple of amusing things while I was there waiting for other acts to start. We saw Gesaffelstein there doing his thing, mixing tracks and doing general DJ stuff, all whilst smoking a cigarette…during his set! It looked so casual. Whilst he was casually doing his set, someone dressed as a giant white rabbit came and started dancing which was quite surreal, then a while later, her friend dressed as a carrot came and danced with her…we questioned whether anything had been put in our non-alcoholic drinks!

While we were watching Jake Bugg, we had a deck chair come out of nowhere and smack my friend and I in the back of the head! Turns out someone has tripped over it and kicked it up in the process, he was very apologetic so we let him off.

We got to see a lot of great acts, the only downfall being that the sound set-up wasn’t great for some of the main acts, some were quite quiet, but still amazing anyway! We had great chats in the tent and bonded so much more over those. We saw some surreal things there and got lost a couple of times, but we made it.


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