That chopstick hair-style…

I was at my close friends house the other evening, and we were discussing how we should do our hair for the night ahead (as any group of girls tend to), now, to bring you up to speed with this blog, here is some context:

My friend (panda fanatic from the friendship blog) is going to China soon (I know, China!! How awesome!) because she wants to volunteer to help out at a panda sanctuary (again, how awesome!).

That’s it, that’s all you need to know for this to make sense.

So the conversation about hair turned to how she should have her hair for when she goes to China. She was asking if her sister would mind doing her hair with chopsticks ready for when she gets on the plane to go to China, but then we got to thinking…what if they all look at her strangely for wearing chopsticks in her hair? Would they think she was mad for having their cutlery in her hair as an accessory?

This brought us onto wondering how we would react if we saw someone walking along with a knife and fork in their hair, may as well throw in a spork for good measure. We would probably laugh because we have never seen anyone with a knife and fork in their hair. Chopsticks in your hair is a much more popular accessory though isn’t it? Would they find it insulting that we assume this is what they do? I hope not.

Anyway, that’s my short thought on the subject for now.


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