‘Demonology’ in photos.

So as Halloween was a couple of weeks ago, some of you may think I’m a bit late in posting something some may consider being ‘scary’. Well, truth is…I only thought about posting about this particular subject right now, this second. Therefore, I don’t intend it to be Halloween related.

I was going through some old photos on my SkyDrive (now Onedrive), and found an old series of photo-manipulated photos which I created back in college (this takes me back a few years!). I named the series ‘Demonology’, and the aim was to try to show the ‘demons’ (or dark side) inside all of us. It was in no way religiously related, nor am I a dark person, I just know my way around Photoshop, and wanted to create a reaction to the photo’s as people went around an exhibition they were displayed at.

There was a variety of reactions to these pictures, some were genuinely scared by them, some were in awe and others found them menacing.

So here they are for you to view, I would say for your viewing pleasure but I’m not so sure that is the correct term for this particular series. Enjoy? Maybe, anyway, feel free to leave me any feedback, I’d love to know what you guys think of my Demonology. (Just adding, this is only a small part of the work done for this project, I may post a bit more on it at some point, I haven’t decided yet).


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