50 likes! Thanks everyone.

So from last week onwards, I now manage three different blogs. A personal blog (this one), and two work blogs. And I’ll tell you…I’ve let my personal blog slip beneath the radar, not intentionally of course. It just…happened.

The reason for now having two work blogs is this: last week my company launched a new sister company which will work on the higher end projects that we receive (for those of you who don’t know, I work at an architectural firm), and we use blogging as one of our tools to try to reach out to people.

I played quite a large part in getting everything ready for when we launched this company, so when I finished work I didn’t really fancy writing, I wanted my bed more than anything (after catching up on I’m a celebrity of course), so I let writing for myself drop down the priority list a little bit. Today I think I’m going to break that habit and re-discover my regular blogging pattern.

Whilst I have been away from this blog however, people have still been checking it out and liking my posts! I’m very proud to say that I have reached 50 likes! I am now going to aim for even more, through writing some more (hopefully) interesting and original content. Thanks for liking my blog everyone, it’s nice to know that my ramblings are appreciated by people other than myself.

This is basically my virtual high-five to everyone who has liked posts, and everyone who does in the future….oh heck, not just the people who have liked my stuff. Everyone can have a virtual high-five! Keep spreading the love everyone. Have a great day!

High five everyone!
High five everyone! (courtesy of Google images)

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