Starbucks with the Hobbit.

I was going to write a post about some of my ideas for surviving a zombie apocalypse, because I’ve only recently gotten around to watching World War Z with car care guy. However, with Christmas trees going up and everyone thinking happy thoughts, I decided that it’s hardly the time to be posting about savage, brainless (possibly undead, maybe just infected) cannibals. I’ll save that one for next year (but not necessarily halloween time, spoiler alert much!). Actually, take out the parts about them being cannibals and undead/infected and it sounds like me first thing on a Monday morning, before coffee – my brain hasn’t quite kicked in, and I’m not usually in the best of moods pre-coffee so if you annoy me, I could be described as a little bit savage.

I’m not writing a Christmas themed post either, I’ll get to that within the next couple of days (what’s with the spoilers huh??). I decided that I would have a bit of a babble, seeing as we haven’t had one in a while, and by ‘we’ I mean myself and the blogosphere.

I think I’ll write about the cinema, actually that seems like a good idea as I went to the cinema last Friday to see the new Hobbit film, and a couple of weeks ago I went and saw the Hunger games Mockingjay part one (which was really good in case you’re wondering).

So as I said, last friday I went to the cinema with Hoochie Mama and saw The Hobbit: The battle of five armies (I almost wrote babble of five armies…that would probably have made a much less interesting film…a group of armies sat around talking at each other), it was a really good film, with some humorous parts to it. The humour was just at the right level, so that it didn’t take away from what was happening with the plot.

I can think of many memorable moments within the film (I’m not outright naming/describing any, I don’t want to ruin it for anyone). In one of these moments, the actress sounded very much like she had suddenly acquired the voice of a man whose throat had been put through a cheese grater, and her appearance aged within seconds. By the end of the scene it was as if she’d just woken up (the hoarse morning voice) and been in the bath for hours (you know how shrivelled you get when you’ve been in the bath for too long) and she had grey skin. I don’t think I’ll be trying that look out anytime soon!

The film was not the only thing which I was happy to see at the cinema though; they have recently been refurbishing the main foyer and rumours are that they will include a Starbucks. I am a massive fan of coffee. My friends know that if we go to our local shopping Centre, I am likely to want to get my ‘coffee fix’ –  which is a cup of coffee from Starbucks. I’m not an addict or anything, I just love coffee.

Anyway, I think it’s a good idea to have one in the foyer, after the cinema I always end up feeling quite tired, so a good dose of coffee during the film could be the solution to that. No more zombie-like people walking on-masse out of the cinema.


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