It happens in threes…I hope not.

A couple of weeks ago I was involved in a car accident, my rear drivers side quarter got hit by another car. Consequently, my car was written off which I was devastated about. I loved my car, so I took care of it. I cleaned it every weekend if I got the chance, one of my neighbours actually commented one day and said:

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen your car dirty Jade”

That’s something I hold onto to this day because it made me feel proud. I took a lot of pride in making my car look good, it reflects upon the person driving it so you’d may as well make it look presentable.

That’s not the reason for my writing this post though. This event has made me realise just how much I took my car for granted. Now I have to rely on public transport being on time to get me to work on time (subsequently, I now take the bus which is an hour and twenty minutes earlier, as the original bus I was getting made me late for work. Now I’m an hour early for work every day), and I also have to plan all of my social activities around public transport. I miss the days where I could just hop in my car and go if I wanted to go somewhere. Or have that lie in because I didn’t need to be up early to catch a bus.

Whilst I was waiting for the bus home from work yesterday afternoon I witnessed another accident. But this was one of the worst ones which could happen – I was at the bus stop chatting idly to the woman next to me when all of a sudden we saw a child, no more than 3 and a half years old, ride his trike into the road and get hit by a car. The trike was destroyed on impact and we saw the little boy bounce off the front of the car onto the road. He started crying and had scratches down is back and arm as he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt. At least he wasn’t unconscious. The lady who had been driving had her hand over her mouth and jumped out of her car, leaving the door wide open to go and check on the child who was being held by his mother. Two cars behind this was a police car, so the blue lights went on and the sirens went off. They came around the other cars and coned off the area. As this had happened, the woman next to me had theatrically jumped up and begun shouting “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!” whilst waving her arms up and down. The mother said she had just looked around for a second to see if there were cars coming, and he went then.

They say it happens in threes, that’s two accidents I’ve either been involved in or witnessed. I’d prefer that the rule of three was broken this time.

The moral of my post is not to take things for granted, anything which seems normal, your car, your house, the people who love you, walking down the street with your kids…anything. That being said, I’ll be very grateful for my car when I get a new one, I’m going to look at one on Saturday. Wish me luck!

Stay safe everyone.


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