I’ve got the wanderlust bug…

I got my first passport this year (I know, it’s a bit later than most) and I plan to use it as much as physically and financially possible before its renewal in 10 years time! Ideally, I’d like to have filled it with lots of stamps, and lots of memories attached to those stamps! The kind of memories that make other people catch the wanderlust bug off of you.

A splattered, multicoloured watercolour representation of the world map with the word "explore" over the top.
Image Courtesy of Google Images.

People say the more you travel, the broader your horizons are and the more cultured you become. Each place becomes a new chapter in the book of your life, and I believe that to be partially true because whatever the place may be, it will have an impact on you in some sense, be that short-term or otherwise. It may just leave you with the memories of your stay there, but it might subconsciously change you as a person, maybe it’ll change some of your views, the way you act in certain situations, your perspectives in life.

I love the idea of wanderlust, even the word itself is nice to say. I think everyone has a little bit of wanderlust in them, they just quench the desire in different ways. That could be taking the plunge and travelling, reading travel blogs or even just looking through photos and articles about the place they want to visit (personally, that would make me even more determined to visit the place in question! But I know some people who are happy virtually travelling with google maps, photos and articles).

If any of you would like to share any ideas about where I should visit soon, let me know in the comments! I’d be more than happy for your recommendations and any stories you want to share. I’ve seen some wonderful places on Pinterest which have made me want to get out there and see the beauty that is our world, our planet, our home. To make reference to a quote in one of my favourite books, I’m going to try my best to observe the elegance that is our universe. For who am I, living in the middle of (my own) history to tell the universe that my observation of it is temporary?


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