The act of taking a photo.

It’s funny isn’t it, the act of taking a photo. Taking a snapshot of a moment in time that you can then revisit anytime you look at the picture. Have all of those smells, sounds and sights come flooding back to you, almost as if you’ve been transported back to that very moment. Each photograph is its own time machine, personal to you and your experience. Each and every picture also brings back a torrent of emotion, and whatever that may be, it can elevate you, cripple you, make you feel euphoric, nostalgic, elated, amused, or it can make you feel unhappy, distressed, sick…all of these emotions are brought back to the surface. Photographs are taken to preserve the subject forever, so that you don’t lose that memory…and then those photos just go to show you just how much you’ve lost…it’s funny isn’t it, the act of taking a photo.

People ask me why I take so many pictures of seemingly unimpressive moments, and selfies with people etc…the reason I take them is to preserve the memory of that moment. Nothing will ever be the same so I like to be able to look back at these photos, and become enveloped in all of the memories that come with them. We are perpetually recreating ourselves, and our lives are forever changing so it’s nice to take a moment to sit back and have a moment of nostalgia. That’s why I take photos; to remember a moment when I was still, in a perpetually forward moving world.


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