Conversations with Ronnie #1: Where is your home, not your address.

Where is home?

I think that when asked, a lot of people would automatically answer that question with their address; a physical place. I’d like to see if we can explore the question a bit further, think outside of the box. To do that, I’m going to rephrase the question; what is home? What does home mean to you?

Personally, when I think about home as a concept, I think about where, or what makes me feel most comfortable or peaceful. The place(s) I feel most at ease are where I think of as my home. Think about it; in the UK we have Homebase which mostly sells DIY and house related products, and their slogan is “make a house a home”, that phrase pretty much says it all for me. You can buy/rent a house but that doesn’t make it your home. You can decorate it until your heart’s content, that still doesn’t necessarily make it your home. Yes it’s where you live, and you create a space that reflects who you are with the possessions you put in it but does that make it home? I don’t think it does, you can move house and still make that your home. Although saying that, for some people it’s more about the people they take with them when they move house that helps to make it their home. The feeling created by the people they share that space with.

The point I’m trying to make with that little rambling paragraph is this; I believe that home is not a place, but a feeling. You encapsulate the feeling of home with the decoration, photographs and things you fill it with. Home might not even be where you live, it might not even be inside a building at all. Home can be anything; When you’re in the company of your friends or family you may feel like you’re at home, or maybe your significant others arms. Two eyes, two arms and a heart, that could be home. Or it may be the fantasy worlds created by books and movies, being someone other than yourself for a moment in time may be the place you feel most comfortable. Maybe the feeling of home is brought on by taking yourself on a mental journey through time. For some people I’ve spoken to, they get a strong sense of home when they visit a place they used to live – so their feeling of being at home is triggered by the feeling of nostalgia.

Thinking laterally really opens up whole new possibilities and viewpoints, rather than just giving your address try thinking about all of the non-generic things that make you feel most at home. In my opinion – home really is where the heart is.

So I’ll ask the question again; Where is your home?


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