You are brilliant.

Brilliant, the very essence of this word is something good…no, not just good, something that’s great. When I think of something great, my mind keeps circling back to the amazing people I have in my life. My friends, my family…my people. They are all brilliant in their own ways just like you and me. Everyone is brilliant, even though they may not see it. You have something that makes you you, nobody else has it because it’s completely unique, completely brilliant.

You can do whatever you want to do with your life, the only thing that will ever stop you, is you. No matter how hard a situation looks, you’ll always be able to find a way around it if you put your mind to it. Always start off thinking you can reach your goals and you’ll be surprised by what you can do, because we are brilliant when we put our minds to it.

Something brilliant I’ve recently achieved is going jogging for the first time since a bimalleolar fracture (both bones were broken), I managed 2 miles on my first jog, and 2.5 on my second, and I only plan to improve as it goes along. This is after about 6 months of not being able to jog, but it’s been one of my main goals ever since the break. Its a great feeling, going for your first jog after not being able to for so long! What goals are you hoping to achieve? What’s stopping you? Go on. Be brilliant.

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant


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