About me.

Hello, my name’s Jade and I heard that you’d like to know some more about me. Well that being the case, do come in and make yourself comfortable, would you like a drink? Some tea perhaps? That’s the thing about English people, we’re a nation who mostly love tea, and in my experience we’ll almost always offer you some at some point during your stay. Even us young people in our early twenty-somethings.

I’m the youngest of my siblings; one brother and one sister. Being typically well brought up as a child (thanks to my Mum, and Grandparents) one thing which really does get on my nerves is when people aren’t polite! Manners cost nothing so in my book in my opinion no-one has any reason not to use them.

My first and middle names are also the names of two types of rock, and two names of colours – a shade of green and a shade of orange. One of my neighbours always used to have a nickname for me which didn’t make sense until I asked him to explain it. He used to call me Alf, which he told me meant red. When I asked him “Why do you need a nickname for me which means red?” his response was “So that I can complete the traffic lights – you’ve got green and orange already, so red finishes it off”. Although I can’t find any connection between the word ‘Alf’ and anything which means red (if anyone can enlighten me, please do! I’ve been curious for over a decade and a half!) I was so in awe of his random knowledge that I believed it.

In addition to my name meaning two different colours, my eyes are different colours too. One is half brown half blue, and the other  is a blueish grey. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that this is called sectoral heterochromia (I’m certain that this is what I have).

I am an IT technician by profession, and work at an architectural technology firm. This is helping me to grow an interest in architecture and the way which buildings are made, the design process which they go through and many other aspects of it.

I’m very interested in music, hearing the latest music going around has become somewhat of a ritual and I also play the ukulele and guitar from time to time. Beginning to write my own music with the ukulele as well, no lyrics just yet though. According to one of my best friends, some of the stuff I write in journals/poems could easily be transferred to lyrics, maybe I should set a goal to write my own song by the end of the year. I’m also very into checking out what’s on at the cinema, being a bit of a movie buff, especially if that movie has anything to do with marvel, DC or superheroes in any way. I’m a sucker for superpowers. I can also be a bit of a bookworm at times; if I’m reading a book I’m really into, you have little hope of getting my attention without throwing something at me.

I like photography and have recently been getting back into my own photography, which is usually very candid and unplanned, or when there is a body of water around, I love taking photos of lakes, the ocean, fountains…scenes with water in them. My view is that the best pictures in life come when you’re not necessarily ready for them. Another form of art I’m quite into is tattoo art. Most of my family aren’t really into them but I have three four at the moment and I’ve got a few more planned. A couple of friends and I have a monthly ritual of trying a new, nearby restaurant and generally having a nice evening out with a catch up. From time to time we also invite each other over for home cooked meals, I do quite enjoy cooking if I’m in the right frame of mind for it. Also, as are many other young  (it’s not just young people who are into drinking!) British people, I’m rather partial to a glass of an alcoholic drink from time to time.

You’d also like to know what this blog is about? Well that, I can’t answer in such a straightforward manner. The reason being I’m not even sure myself. I don’t have a specific subject in mind for this blog, it’s just me being me babbling away about whatever I fancy writing at that particular moment in time. This can range from experiences to books to movies to food, but it’s not limited to those. Anything that’s on my mind, and if you decide that my ramblings are worth a read, thank you. I hope you enjoy my blog.

NOTE: I”ll probably change parts of this and cross stuff out as my blog progresses, and as I acquire more life experiences.

Created September 2014.
Edited November 2015.
Edited October 2016.


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