About me.

Hello, I’m Jade and I heard that you’d like to know more about me and my blog. Well that being the case, come in and make yourself comfortable, would you like a drink? Some tea perhaps? That’s the thing about English people, we’re a nation who mostly love tea, and in my experience we’ll almost always offer you some at some point during your stay. Even us young people in our early twenty-somethings.

I’m an IT technician by profession, so you could call me a massive geek and I’d consider it a compliment! One of my mottos is “I embrace my geekiness”, it usually makes my friends laugh. I’ve always been into writing in some form or another, when I was younger I wrote a lot of poems and stories. Then progressed to journals, but had a terrible habit of leaving them half finished…I think I’m a pro at procrastination! I’m also very into checking what’s on at going to the cinema, being a bit of a movie buff, especially if that movie has anything to do with marvel, DC or superheroes in any way; I’m a sucker for superpowers. I can also be a bit of a am a massive bookworm at times; if I’m reading a book I’m really into, you have little hope of getting my attention without throwing something at me.

I like photography and have recently been getting back into my own photography, which is usually very candid and unplanned, or when there is a body of water around, I love taking photos of lakes, the ocean, fountains…scenes with water in them. My view is that the best pictures in life come when you’re not ready for them. I’m quite into is tattoo art too, most of my family aren’t really into them but I have three four at the moment and have more planned.

You’d also like to know what this blog is about? Well that, I can’t answer in such a straightforward manner. The reason being I’m not even sure myself; I’ve got such an eclectic array of hobbies and interests that I don’t have a specific subject in mind for this, it’s just me being me babbling away about whatever I fancy writing at that particular moment in time. This can range from experiences to books to movies, musings, food and gadgets but it’s not limited to those. Anything that’s on my mind, and if you decide that my ramblings are worth a read, thank you. I hope you enjoy my blog.

NOTE: I”ll probably change parts of this and cross stuff out as my blog progresses, and as I acquire more life experiences.

Created September 2014.
Edited November 2015.
Edited October 2016.
Edited January 2018.


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