My ever changing bucket list.

I’ve been meaning to publish this page about my bucket list for a long time (so long that I’ve crossed things off of the list already), so today I thought “why not just do it, rather than think about doing it?”. I’m terrible for doing that, I would say that I’m very much a ‘think before you act‘ kind of person, and sometimes I do tend to overthink things…a lot, sometimes to the point that I go off of the idea completely. I’m sure that I’m not the only person whom this happens to, am I? There must be more over-thinkers out there, are you one of them?

Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't simply try to do things. You simply must do things. - Ray Bradbury

So anyway, I’m going to try not to ramble on and just get on with it (I’m discovering that I seem to have a talent for procrastination), this page will probably change a lot because I’m planning on crossing items off of my list as I complete them, and adding more as I find them…so I guess I should prepare for a life of adventures here and there! I may even add a photo gallery of completed items to this page, for the applicable ones of course.

Feel free to nab anything off of here and add it to your own, but I will ask that if you do then comment and let me know which one(s) you have also chosen as I’m interested in finding out about what other people want to do with their lives. Or link me to your bucket list page. Have fun!

I’m also going to add some of my ‘couples bucket list’ onto here with its own page, stuff I want to do with my girlfriend. If you want to have a gander at that then click here.


  1. Skydive
  2. Bungee Jump
  3. Ride in a Helicopter
  4. Fly a Glider
  5. Drive an Aston Martin
  6. Do a Race for Life. (I did the 5k in 30 minutes or so)
  7. Hold a snake at least once to help conquer my fear of them
  8. Watch a meteor shower
  9. Walk behind a Waterfall
  10. Squash a pie in someone’s face. (I’ve got someone to agree to both of these! Should be amusing :D)
  11. Let them squash a pie in my face. (for fairness)
  12. Go Paragliding
  13. Host/attend a party on the beach
  14. See sunset/sunrise from an aeroplane
  15. Witness a Solar Eclipse
  16. Be able to do a handstand
  17. Hold a baby turtle
  18. Ride in a Gondola
  19. Have my picture taken with a baby monkey
  20. Go Zorbing
  21. Hold a Monkey
  22. Donate blood
  23. Try Yoga
  24. Ride a horse
  25. Model for a caricature drawing
  26. Say “I do”
  27. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  28. Own a polaroid type camera. I now have a camera which instantly prints photos like a polaroid courtesy of my besties! I’ll put a photo of it up here soon.
  29. Tie messages to balloons and let them go
  30. Get a photo of my friends and I all letting go of the balloons
  31. Participate in a colour run
  32. Sleep on a hammock
  33. Watch the sunset on a beach
  34. Put a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean
  35. Be a member of a studio audience
  36. Go indoor rockclimbing
  37. Attend a well known music festival Reading Festival 2014
  38. Meet someone famous Imagine Dragons
  39. Have a day of watching the entire fast and furious series back to back
  40. Take my picture with a Tiger
  41. Indoor Skydive
  42. Snowboard
  43. Walk on a glass floor in a tall place
  44. Take a zipline ride
  45. See a film at an open air cinema
  46. Ride an Elephant
  47. Receive a love letter
  48. Plant a tree
  49. Become a Godmother. One of my best friends asked myself and one of our other besties to be godmothers to her child!! I know traditionally you’re supposed to have one, but everyone’s different.
  50. Try acupuncture
  51. Pick the winning horse at the Grand National
  52. Get a photo taken with best friends in a photo booth
  53. Set a Chinese Lantern off
  54. Ride a horse on the beach
  55. Hold an owl/falcon on my arm
  56. Sex in the shower
  57. See the sunrise with coffee in my hand
  58. Be at a high point (on a hill or something) for sunset
  59. Go Scuba Diving
  60. Swim with Stingrays
  61. Swim with Sharks
  62. Parasail
  63. Go cliff jumping
  64. Base jump
  65. See a movie at a drive in cinema
  66. See a movie on a Rooftop Theatre
  67. Have a Harry Potter Marathon with friends


  1. See the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in person, maybe in one of the rented glass igloos in Finland!
  2. Visit the walk of fame
  3. Go shopping in Paris
  4. Visit Niagara Falls
  5. Visit the Fairy Pools in Scotland
  6. Visit Petra in Jordan
  7. Visit the glow worm cave in New Zealand
  8. Visit Yellowstone national park
  9. Visit the Pink Lake in Australia
  10. See the Taj Mahal in person
  11. See Fingals cave in Scotland
  12. Go to Hawaii
  13. Visit Heavens gate in China
  14. Spend a night in a treehouse
  15. Go on an African Safari
  16. Step foot in all 7 continents – Europe, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, North America and finally South America.
  17. Visit Ireland
  18. Go to California
  19. Go to a ‘hidden’ beach
  20. See the statue of Liberty
  21. See the Colosseum
  22. Walk on the great wall of China
  23. Get a photo taken with the Hollywood sign
  24. Climb a Pyramid
  25. Go on a pub crawl in Ireland
  26. Go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
  27. Trek up a mountain
  28. Stay on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Food & Drink…

  1. Drink Vodka in Russia. (people close to me seem to think this is a bad idea…I wonder why…)
  2. Make home-made ice cream
  3. Try voodoo doughnuts
  4. Try real Ramen
  5. Eat Pizza in Italy
  6. Drink Guinness in Ireland
  7. Drink at a rooftop bar in London
  8. Go to the London Icebar


  1. Become fluent in more than one language, and actually use them! English, French – learning at the moment, German – I know some basics. Korean – I can write quite a few things in Korean but am still learning the spoken language. Lithuanian – I know some basics. British Sign Language – I’m currently learning this.
  2. Learn about my family history
  3. Learn to be ambidextrous
  4. Learn at least 5 songs on Ukulele. What I know so far: I’m yours – Jason Mraz, Stay With Me – Sam Smith. Happy Birthday, the tune to Everywhere I go – Hollywood Undead, Riptide – Vance Joy, Hakuna Matata and a lot more now!
  5. Be able to say ‘Hello’ in 10 different Languages without Google translate – Hello (English), Bonjour (French), Hola (Spanish), Guten Tag (German), Konichiwa (Japanese), Labas (Lithuanian), Ciao (Italian), Aloha (Hawaiin)
  6. Learn the alphabet in sign language
  7. Learn CPR
  8. Learn and remember the history of my hometown
  9. Read all of the physical books I own


  1. Make my own dream catcher
  2. Make my own hammock seat from a trampoline
  3. Keep journals and write an autobiography from them
  4. Write a book/series of journal entries and publish it as an amazon kindle book
  5. Write a letter to my future self
  6. Make an origami animal
  7. Write a poem for all of my close friends and give them copies
  8. Make my own perfume
  9. Create my own cocktail
  10. Make a lantern for Hiroshima day and float it at a dedicated ceremony
  11. Build my own Ukulele and have friends draw on it

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3 thoughts on “My ever changing bucket list.

  1. How nice it was to read this:

    v.See the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in person, maybe in one of the rented glass igloos in Finland!

    Sometimes there are clods, but in winter there are other col things to be seen:

    Best to see in February.

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle.

    Any time in winter.

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    This year’s specialty.

    World’s tallest ice Cathedral (Sagrada Família in ice).

    This winter in my home town.

    Ice sculptures.

    Happy and safe travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for coming by to look at my bucket list, I’ve wanted to see the Northern lights since I was little.

      I’m definitely going to check out all of those links! Thank you so much for sharing them. 🙂 I’m really intrigued by the snow castle and ice cathedral!

      Liked by 1 person

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