Trip to London!

It was a friend’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, so we went on a day trip to London to celebrate. I’ll share my experience and hopefully inspire you with some things to do and places to see if you’re planning a trip to London anytime soon. We got the train to London Euston, personally I wouldn’t […]

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Ah, the Dad Bod…

I began to write this as a “thought” or comment on Storytime with Johns post The Dadbod Myth, but then it morphed into something so long I could no longer class it as a comment, so I decided to write a ‘response post’, and you guessed it! This is it.   You mean to say that suddenly those […]

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Sunset at the Lake

I was out for a jog around a nearby lake the other evening, and happened to witness the sunset whilst there. It was beautiful. I couldn’t help but take some pauses from my jog to take some photos of the scene before me, and then I just had to share it with other people. In […]

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Live, don’t just survive!

Yesterday, I added a page with my bucket list to my blog, I’ve always had a fascination with bucket lists and what people want to do with their lives. That’s why I named this post ‘Live, don’t just survive!’. What I mean is this; do the things that you want to do in your lifetime, […]

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